seed token price
seed token price
seed token price
seed token price
seed token price

Earn Passively

Sesameseed offers the easiest way to stake and earn better rewards over time. Stake on any of the blockchains we represent to earn rewards that multiply your earning potential easily and reliably.

seed token price

The Community

SEED represents community participation in Sesameseed. Staking, voting or allocating resources for Sesameseed as a governance representative earns SEED in proportion to each person’s stake.

SEED Overview
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Pegged Values

SEED is backed by the rewards Sesameseed earns from all the blockchains on which it participates, and is always redeemable for the backed value.

seed token value

Voting power

SEED automatically participates for Sesameseed simply by holding it. SEED also earns rewards from projects funded through SEEDGerminator.

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Sesameseed represents multiple blockchains through operating a node or other means that support the networks. For its representation, Sesameseed earns rewards in the blockchain’s native coin and distributes SEED backed by those coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Sesameseed?

    Sesameseed is a multi-blockchain community, created to support its members by providing fair and transparent representation in delegated governance. Sesameseed accomplishes this by maintaining a reputation of upholding its core values of community, transparency and privacy. Take an active role in blockchain adoption and join the conversation by following our Twitter account and Telegram channel.

  • What is the 80:10:10 Rewards Sharing Model?

    The 80:10:10 reward model is a representation of the community-first ideology that Sesameseed embraces. Participation with Sesameseed entitles an individual to their proportional share of 80% of SEED distributed daily. 10% is allocated for the SEEDGerminator Developer Fund, and 10% is allocated for Sesameseed’s operating expenses.

  • What is SEED token?

    SEED is a representation of the rewards created through community participation across all blockchains on which Sesameseed operates. SEED can be exchanged at any time for its pegged value. SEED provides special benefits to holders, such as rewards from funded SEEDGerminator projects. SEED automatically participates on each blockchain on which Sesameseed is represented. Holding SEED earns more SEED every day.

    Learn more about SEED here.

  • How do I earn SEED Token?

    SEED is earned by community participation such as voting or staking across any represented blockchain on which Sesameseed operates. Currently the maximum number of SEED issued to participating community members is 100,000 SEED daily. SEED automatically participates on blockchains on which Sesameseed is represented. Holding SEED will earn more SEED every day.

  • I have some SEED. What do I do now?

    No further action is required! SEED automatically participates on blockchains on which Sesameseed operates. Simply by holding SEED, it will automatically start accruing more rewards each day from represented blockchains. In addition, every month rewards from SEEDGerminator projects will be sent out to SEED holders. SEED can be exchanged for its pegged value at any time, which is constantly increasing. Stay tuned for updates and announcements by signing up to our newsletter and following our Twitter and Telegram channel.

  • What is SEED pegged value?

    Sesameseed earns node rewards from all the blockchains on which it operates and distributes them back to the community as SEED using the 80-10-10 model. SEED is pegged to these node rewards. This means each SEED token is always redeemable for a specific amount of coins or tokens. At a minimum, 10% of all node rewards earned by Sesameseed each day will be utilized to increase the pegged value of all circulating SEED. This means every SEED held goes up in redemption value every day. SEED is redeemable for its pegged value at any time. For more information and to see the current pegged value, click here.

  • Does it matter on which blockchain I have my SEED?

    No, it does not matter. SEED from Sesameseed is blockchain agnostic. This means SEED held on any represented blockchain is entitled to all its benefits.

  • What is Participation Power?

    Participation Power is the added advantage holding SEED has over participating with a native coin. The reason for this is that Sesameseed accounts can participate on any represented blockchain, but are ineligible to receive the rewards for this participation. Instead, those rewards are distributed among SEED holders in proportion to how much they hold. Participating with SEED earns more rewards than participating with the same amount of coins backing each SEED.

  • Where can I buy SEED tokens?

    Sesameseed does not sell any SEED tokens. They can only be earned directly from Sesameseed by community participation such as voting or staking. However, trading pairs are available on various exchanges. Some options are ABCC and TronWatch Market on the TRON blockchain.

  • What is SEEDGerminator?

    SEEDGerminator is a community-powered initiative to fund blockchain developers. This platform is a stage for developers to present DApps, tokens and technology, and build their own communities around an associated project. Community members who find sufficient value in a project can choose to directly support it by funding it with their SEED tokens and receive special community incentives. Please visit the SEEDGerminator website for more details.

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Meet the team

Grown from the community, our team comprises over 20 worldwide members.

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    Juliun Brabon
    Founder, CEO
    Lean Six Sigma Executive with 10 Years of Executive Leadership experience. Community Advocate and Believer in a Fair Transparent and Inclusive economy that provides equal representation to all of its members.

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    Head of Operations
    Coinwanderer (CW) is an experienced engineer working for worldwide broadcast outlets. His other experience includes work in marketing, public relations, and technical writing. CW was a freelance cryptocurrency enthusiast and tokenomics consultant.

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    Project Manager
    Obtained degree in the healthcare field, found it more satisfying to make an impact on the lives of others through blockchain technology. Sesameseed enthusiast since reading about it on Reddit. Also, addicted to Reddit.

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    Head of Smart Contract Development
    Community Enthusiast and Computer science graduated with First-Class Honours from Nanyang Tech University, with a broad spectrum of software and blockchain development.